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Never Twice

Never Twice

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Name:Never Twice
Original name:두 번은 없다
Director:Choi Won-Suk
Casts:, , , ,
Release year:
Runtime:Saturday 21:00-23:00 (30 min episodes / 4 per day)
Latest Ep:71-72

An old stately inn stands in the heart of Seoul. It may be old, discolored, and weathered, but Nakwon Inn exudes old-world charms. As the typical cold uneventful winter comes to an end at the inn, guests start to arrive one by one as if each had promised to be present. Strangely and coincidentally, each one of them repeats Never Twice as they enter. The truth is, they all have a fateful reason to be there. What could have brought these individuals together? And what do they all have in common considering their long-term stay, assigned room numbers, gender, age, and hometown? The real reason for coming to Nakwon Inn unfolds.

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